Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hi every one,

You may ask. Does Supreme soul exist? I don't know. Rather than take up a position, I prefer to live in the question. "I wonder if there is a supreme soul;" seems to me a much more honest, mind-expanding and perhaps even pious position than saying, "I simply believe there is a supreme soul and that's the end of it." Or, "I see no evidence for supreme soul, therefore He/She/It does not exist."but the truth is that it is still a mystery.

People search for supreme soul in scriptures, rituals and contemplation, while He reveals himself daily through the love they feel towards each other.""A life without a vow is like a ship without the anchor, or like a temple built on sand instead of solid rock. Your salvation is not up to supreme soul, it is up to you. Supreme soul has given you everything. What of yourself are you willing to give?"Make your life very exciting, but always think of it as fun. Adversities as well as the harmony should be enjoyable. Don't become sober and depressed and have a castor oil face in the name of spirituality. Just be happy. Even if you make a mistake, say, "Hey, I did this? Great! What a wonderful lesson I learned!".

The true universe is inside, while the exterior world is but a reflection, like a mirror image."

Love is the missing factor in most people's lives. They lack that tenderness, that kindliness, that mercy in relationship, and so they join a society for culture and world reconstruction which produces nothing - because they have nothing to give but words. The mind and heart are filled with plans for world reconstruction but empty of that one ingredient without which there is no solving of any problems. The problem is with relationship, not with systems, blue prints and so-called reforms. You have one reform after another. You form one organisation after another on the same lines of you previous failures, and this goes on incessantly because there is not that ingredient of goodwill and love which alone can solve problems.

Without love no problem can ever be solved, no matter how brilliant the mind may be. If there is no relationship with one another, we continue to create further confusion."Todays world with terrorism is due to this fact.In our day to day lives ,everybody is expecting to be happy by modern gadgets,by objects,by the people around or by making money.But the experience in reality is always something different.No doubt the facilities and arrangements around do comfort our body and ease our day to day activities of life,but then why many a times even a healthy wealthy person feels unhappy.One needs to contemplate where does happiness actually originate from.The truth is happiness is within us.Finding it within can make a person always happy.

Happiness is a nature of the omnipresent consiousness,meaning it is connection constantly dependent upon one's previous actions.Happiness basically is a state of beingness of one's True self.The progress of any nation is dependent on the fully developed personality of its citizens, of which youth comprise a significant proportion. The personality of youth is highly influenced by education. However, worldwide, the current education system is not structured to develop the personality of students, and does not guide them towards a purposeful path of life, through which they can live happily and peacefully, as well as be competent enough to fight difficulties. In the olden times, Indian universities such as Nalanda and Takshashila accomplished the task of guiding students in the right direction, by imparting spiritual knowledge on a practical basis, i.e. how ideals can be incorporated in personality considering the prevalent trends in the society.

I shall take up the subject matter of Soul and Supreme soul soon instead of myself going on loop line.

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