Monday, May 21, 2007

Have you ever wondered to have seen your Soul? Yes certainly it will be a wonder!!! He who sees his own soul sees his supreme soul also.There are different themes and guidelines to see your own self through which you can really experience the existance of Soul in you.We will discuss on this in detail in the future posts.
What i would like to imbibe on any self realized soul is to narrate the experience to the other souls who haven't yet realised its existance.The experience gained by souls are of different nature and different routes. Can such souls start discussing the fact of Athma darsan which will certainly be of a prop to the souls who are on their way to realise.You can Post such in these columns and discusss various asphects of progressive developments in each stage within this life period.Let us not go with the old sayings and the effort is to find new methods to find Soul realisation even in this kaliyuga.

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