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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


There are various layers of the cosmos, just as there are layers of the individual inside. We call them - the physical sheath, the vital sheath, the mental sheath, the intellectual sheath and the casual sheath. Corresponding to these sheaths there are the planes of existence - outwardly, cosmically, universally - and these are the regions into which the soul enters as a citizen thereof. Rebirth need not necessarily mean coming back to this world. Rebirth is a compulsion to take a form and the inability to exist as the formless Absolute. The necessity to enter into a form arises on account of the impulsions of desire which are the forces that constitute the individuality of a person. A desire is a power or force which asserts the need to retain individuality in some manner or other. The individuality need not necessarily be of a physical type. There are various degrees of individuality - nevertheless they are individualities, and the degrees vary according to the degree of the particular plane of existence into which the individual is thrown by the power of the evolutionary process itself, which is called rebirth. So rebirth is not necessarily a coming back to this world. It may be that, or it may not be that. It can be a higher ascent also, but even then it is rebirth. Anything is rebirth if it is short of God-realisation, Even if one reaches the highest seventh plane of the cosmos, which here is called the region of the Creator, there is a necessity to come back.

Will continue soon

Monday, May 28, 2007

Hi souls

We admire God, we fear God, and we adore God because of His largeness, His greatness, His magnificence, His transcendentalness, and the tremendous difference between Him and ourselves, which is automatically accepted by our finitude and His infinitude. If this is the case, how can we reach God? God created the world and He is immensely present in the various facets of creation. The destiny of the soul seems to be very precarious and awe-inspiring. There is a fear in us - what will happen to us after we shed this body?

It is very clear to every finite human being that God is unreachable for all practical purposes, because of the transcendentalness which is implied in His existence. He is far above the whole of creation. The arms of man cannot touch His Being. But, if this is the circumstance in which the finite individual is placed, it is really a matter of concern for everyone. There is a hope for even the finite individual. God can be reached after the shedding of this body by deep concentration, and the last thought is supposed to be the force that decides the nature of the experiences of the soul in the hereafter.

Now, the passage of the soul after the disassociation of itself from this body is the subject of various branches in philosophy. "One who is wholly absorbed in the thought of God reaches God,"

The supreme stage is reached by that individual or soul who is enabled to entertain the thought of the Supreme Being.

If such meditations would be possible at the last moment, as the result of our devout life that we have led in this sojourn on earth, the attainment of God is certain. There is no doubt about this. If that is not to be attained, if there is any obstacle, if for some reason or the other it has not become possible for an individual to retain the thought of God, because it is not possible for everyone to retain the thought of God at the moment of passing - what happens to such a person? Such a person will be involved in the lower planes of existence, from which there is a reversion into the level from which one has risen. There is temporality infecting every layer of the cosmos. There is only one timeless existence, the supreme Absolute, and whoever finds it difficult to reach this state of timeless eternity, which is God-Being, finds himself in the process of time.

One may reach any plane of existence, even if it be higher than the earthly one - that cannot be regarded as the salvation of the soul. Wherever there is a compulsion exerted upon us by a procession of powers or forces, where the evolutionary urge pulls and pushes us in the direction in which it moves, we remain not a master of ourself. One who is not a master of himself is not an independent person, and one who is not independent has not attained freedom, and freedom is salvation. So whoever is involved in the process of the universe cannot be regarded as a liberated spirit.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hi all

We say Supreme soul is Omnipotent. Omnipresent. Omniscient. These are recognized by all as the universal attributes of supreme soul .Every being,everything and everybody are…in the name of supreme soul—and that 'authentic' path, which might lead Man to this Supreme Being.. !!! But

Who or what is Supreme soul and for that matter, which is the one 'true' path to this Divine Soul?

Should we meditate on a formless Supreme Being or worship a Divine idol?

Better still, should we realize Him within our very own selves?

These questions have plagued mankind may be with animal kind also down the ages and continue to do so till date, so much so that nations are erected in His name, wars fought and innocents massacred!

First of all no one should thrust supreme soul into our human minds when they are not ready for it. The great Master- the supreme soul knows the needs of the various layers of the human personality, and so layer after layer has to be peeled off until the internal kernel is reached. We have to find out, gradually, what that kernel is, as we incessantly proceed further and further. When we speak of the supreme soul as the Creator of the universe we do not imagine, even with the farthest stretch of our minds, that supreme soul does not retain His transcendentalness. Supreme soul is above the universe of universes. He is an unreachable magnificence, a tremendous force that attracts our awe and admiration, and frightens us with its might and greatness.

We are taught by our senior souls that one should have fear on God and we call him Godfearing -meaning the soul will lead a conductfull life fearing that God may impose on us life of hell.We are also taught to fully love God to lead a heavenlylife .How can a soul have fear and love both together.

We are afraid of God in the beginning. The very idea of God frightens us because of the force, the power and the immensity that is associated with God's existence.

Pl let me know whether my view point is clear or not.I want to create new persons devoid of old beliefs and misconception. Just wait for my more blogs to give a clear understanding on Soul and Supreme soul.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hi every one,

You may ask. Does Supreme soul exist? I don't know. Rather than take up a position, I prefer to live in the question. "I wonder if there is a supreme soul;" seems to me a much more honest, mind-expanding and perhaps even pious position than saying, "I simply believe there is a supreme soul and that's the end of it." Or, "I see no evidence for supreme soul, therefore He/She/It does not exist."but the truth is that it is still a mystery.

People search for supreme soul in scriptures, rituals and contemplation, while He reveals himself daily through the love they feel towards each other.""A life without a vow is like a ship without the anchor, or like a temple built on sand instead of solid rock. Your salvation is not up to supreme soul, it is up to you. Supreme soul has given you everything. What of yourself are you willing to give?"Make your life very exciting, but always think of it as fun. Adversities as well as the harmony should be enjoyable. Don't become sober and depressed and have a castor oil face in the name of spirituality. Just be happy. Even if you make a mistake, say, "Hey, I did this? Great! What a wonderful lesson I learned!".

The true universe is inside, while the exterior world is but a reflection, like a mirror image."

Love is the missing factor in most people's lives. They lack that tenderness, that kindliness, that mercy in relationship, and so they join a society for culture and world reconstruction which produces nothing - because they have nothing to give but words. The mind and heart are filled with plans for world reconstruction but empty of that one ingredient without which there is no solving of any problems. The problem is with relationship, not with systems, blue prints and so-called reforms. You have one reform after another. You form one organisation after another on the same lines of you previous failures, and this goes on incessantly because there is not that ingredient of goodwill and love which alone can solve problems.

Without love no problem can ever be solved, no matter how brilliant the mind may be. If there is no relationship with one another, we continue to create further confusion."Todays world with terrorism is due to this fact.In our day to day lives ,everybody is expecting to be happy by modern gadgets,by objects,by the people around or by making money.But the experience in reality is always something different.No doubt the facilities and arrangements around do comfort our body and ease our day to day activities of life,but then why many a times even a healthy wealthy person feels unhappy.One needs to contemplate where does happiness actually originate from.The truth is happiness is within us.Finding it within can make a person always happy.

Happiness is a nature of the omnipresent consiousness,meaning it is connection constantly dependent upon one's previous actions.Happiness basically is a state of beingness of one's True self.The progress of any nation is dependent on the fully developed personality of its citizens, of which youth comprise a significant proportion. The personality of youth is highly influenced by education. However, worldwide, the current education system is not structured to develop the personality of students, and does not guide them towards a purposeful path of life, through which they can live happily and peacefully, as well as be competent enough to fight difficulties. In the olden times, Indian universities such as Nalanda and Takshashila accomplished the task of guiding students in the right direction, by imparting spiritual knowledge on a practical basis, i.e. how ideals can be incorporated in personality considering the prevalent trends in the society.

I shall take up the subject matter of Soul and Supreme soul soon instead of myself going on loop line.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Hi every one

Regarding knowledge and true knowledge we will discuss at a later date. Now lets know what is a Soul and how does it function apart from the supreme soul. Each one of us is a soul identified person. Also a human being created on earth due to biological process.. Man becomes soul identified person if he shows humanity in character.

It is this which makes him a real person. There are many difficult things in life, but the most difficult of all is to learn and to know and to practice the art of personality.We say Supreme soul created the nature and we souls created the art.Not like that.It is the supreme soul who completes his divine art also.Lord Rama did not teach morals to the human being but he himself was morale in toto.To day the teachers of divine moral to the society are not of what they teach. When a soul gets into itself inwardly all the answers are explicitely clear and needs no Guru though the Guru shishya paramapara started with a selfish motive.

Now let me tell you the nature of the soul.It is the Headmaster of a school.School’s function will be on the directions of the headmaster.So he is the soul of that school. Same is the case with our individual soul. The soul governs and directs our being as a human and plays a pivotal role. Secrecy is that soul cannot be seen but experienced and realized as we cannot see electricity but its existence can be felt by lit bulbs and running fan etc.This power in an individual is the soul or Jivatma. When it is universal consciousness or Supreme Soul, it is called Paramatman. However, we should clearly understand that for electricity which lights up a zero watts bulb or 5Kilowatt Motor, the source of energy is the same; only the consumption and performance vary. Likewise individual and cosmic souls are inseparable entities.Soul can be non sensed or from one to six sensed upto human level. When a soul is polished/purified to the level of 16 senses in full it is Supreme soul- as was Rama who possessed the 16senses(Shodas gunas). The difference between the animate and inanimate is the consciousness or chaitanya. The five sense organs are the soul's agents or windows to obtain knowledge and to gauge the subtle aspect of any given thing. For example, to see, we have eyes but who sees is the soul. For hearing, we have ears but it is the soul that hears. This journey from gross to subtle with consciousness is the play of the soul. If this consciousness departs from the body it becomes a corpse. This is the relation between the soul and the body. The soul is the pivotal hinge whereupon the body functions with consciousness or chaitanya.

The human body is made of perishable elements and therefore impermanent in nature, but the power that dwells within is imperishable; is eternal. It is to be remembered that the real self is part of that super-soul that is never born nor dies and is eternal. The body after death return "unto dust" and the soul meets the cosmic soul or Paramatman. Merger of the pure individual soul with the cosmic soul is the sole aim of human life. The body is ours but we are not the body. We are an inseparable part of the supreme. Just as a grain of sand is sand or a drop of water is water, likewise part of Paramatman is Jivatma. We are eternal. Yet, the body has four states and remains perishable. Childhood, youth and old age are seen as states of our body but not the state of our soul. Moreover there is a fourth state called death. The souls is simply the seer for whom there is no fear of death! The soul is eternal truth that is immortal and imperishable. The soul is pure and sacred. The soul is embodiment of all knowledge.Supreme soul resides in the heart of all souls be it ameba to six sensed creatures causing them to revolve according to their karma by His illusive power."

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I have named my Blog as Athma darsana only for the reason that we cannot at this stage of material world attain salvation and realization .But we can atleast have a view of our self ie Athman from a distance. Means to have some knowledge BOUT ATHMA.Basic understanding of Athman is required to have a Darsan ie to think on those lines.Before that let us Learn first how the universe works, how life works, how the human mind and emotion system works.

All knowledge leads to self-knowledge only. And once you know - well, you just know and through that understanding, you can do anything and everything. The fear and confusion has to be replaced with clarity and trust. The easiest way to feel good is to extend a smile, a kind word, or a positive nod to as many people as possible, every day. Live every single moment of life knowing that absolutely everything that has ever happened, is now happening or ever will happen anywhere within your present life space is for your very best and highest good always. Live life to love it & Love life to live it"

Focus on that understanding of Athman rather than daydreaming. Wait to even think about any response and really hear. If you feel that no response is forthcoming then mend your broken Heart.Don’t be a monolouge but be in Dialouge with your own self.Do not leave the mind idle.Body can have rest but don’t allow mind to take rest. If your life stops working, look for a simple truth you “forgot” to tell yourself. Sometimes it’s a truth you are trying to hide from yourself, and sometimes it is a truth you are trying to hide from others. If you look underneath the major mess in anyone’s life, you will usually find a truth that did not get told. U cannot write poem/article and keep it with you. Unless someone other than U enjoy that and comment the value of poem/article is not revealed. We can only thrive as human beings by being with others. We survive in a healthy way by surrounding ourselves with people who connect with us. The leaf needs the branch. The branch needs the trunk. The trunk needs the roots. The roots also need the rest of the tree. We souls are all connected like that. In that connection we find real life.

The soul has a twofold purpose in each lifetime: (1) the universal purpose (2) an individual purpose. The latter enables the soul to help itself and other souls more easily rediscover Love. In other words, your individual purpose is the best way to promote the universal purpose. Each of us can do something totally unique. The challenge is to discover your supreme soul "niche" on earth, so you can realize your potential for happiness. If you live untrue to this niche, your energy will be unaligned with the Universal Energy, and you are likely to feel something missing in your life like what most of us miss ourself with happiness now!!!... You’ll experience a feeling of dissonance, which can lead to disease and disaster. The rewards of living your soul’s purpose go far beyond money. If you think you’d retire, you may just be burned out. You never need to retire from Love and affection. You can always serve your purpose and enjoy what you are doing and how you are doing it for a lifetime. When you are concerned to your soul purpose, your life becomes easier and more satisfying and rewarding. Why? Because you are no longer operating as an isolated individual out of tune with the Universe. Instead, you are working with the Universe, consciously connected to the Universal Mind and utilizing the vast potential of the energy around you. When you find your true purpose, the Universe has no choice but to help you by providing information and energy.Here I apologise all present Gurus ,Sanyasys,Religious heads enacting themselves to be a guide to attain salvation Charging a soul for a material sum to teach meditation,keep themselves healthy and wealthy at corporate level and ways to attain mukthi- the liberation. No Swamy/Guru/sanyasi/in had given free of service to the soul to become perfect in this world.As long as the the present souls are subject to mesmerism and bogus teachings none on earth can attain salvation.

"Knowledge is given neither from outside nor from another person like Guru or some one.Guru-Chela parampara has been started with vested interests not only in Politics but also in all fields of religion.Knoledge can be realised by each and everyone in his own Heart. The jnana Guru of everyone is only the Supreme Self that is always revealing its own truth in every Heart through the being-consciousness 'I am, I am.' The granting of true knowledge by Supreme Soul is initiation into Knowledge (jnana).
The grace of the Guru is only that Self-awareness that is one's own true nature. There is no separate identity as Guru as is the case of today’s Guru shishya parampara and establishing an empire with billions and millions of dollars/Rupees and a gang of thugs to run cheap politics all in the name of spirituality or religion. It is the inner conciousness by which Supreme soul is unceasingly revealing His existence to we souls. This divine upadesa is always going on naturally in everyone."Its we who have to unearth with our conscious efforts.There are pearls under the sea, but one must take risk to find them.With once diving if you don’t find you do not conclude that the sea is without them. Dive again and again. You are sure to be rewarded in the end. So is it with the self and supreme self. If your first attempt proves fruitless, do not lose heart.
Persevere in your efforts. You are sure to realize yrself and Him at last." By believing the so called gurus we only end up with what we are today. Religious heads are becoming the decision makers of politics in one way or the other. We have no concern with their activities but we are concerned with the failure of trust we have with them in the name of religion. Let us all unite to vibrate our souls to ward off such evil doers in the name of Almighty.