Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Athma dharsan is nothing but realizing self.By realizing self what exactly we achieve?.We will have clear thoughts clear VISION AND SOULFULL LIVING in this as well as the future worlds till the the time our self or the soul merges with the supreme soul.To realize what we are and what we will be and why we should be and all that comes to our mind while we are in this materialistic world.To guide us there were and are many Babas prophets and Swamijis who have known the path of self realization.Of late in all religions irrespective of its age are becoming corrupted by few such Babas swamijis and Ggurujis.In fact in any religion. there was no emphasis on their scripts for a middle man or brokers to take them to the path of realization or Athma Darsan. Pure devotion is enough to realise the ATHMAN and PARAMATHMAN which are in ourselves.We even heard of stories that the devotion even by low sensed lives like spider,elephhant,a snake and an illiterate tribal got salvation. Supreme soul needs no recommendation from any partly realized soul to give salvation. To ward off our sufferings pure self realization/devotion is enough .In fact those who have realized themselves need nothing of salvation.They do not feel the pinch of anything towords the body.God heard the request of an elephant and saved it from the crocodile in water directly without any middle manLike Guru.Soul is part and partial of supreme soul may it be one sensed or many sensed.Our ignorance to understand the nature of soul creates havoc and society is spoiled. I am not atheist to comment on this.But todays world has become more Guru oriented having false notions and commercial establishments winning crores of rupees in their so called trust. Are we not ashamed?Recent news on papers establish this.

More will continue in this blog even if response is not there from viewers.We need to reform the society from false notions and beliefs.I would like youngsters take the lead in this to avoid total collapse of the human society.

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