Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hi all

We say Supreme soul is Omnipotent. Omnipresent. Omniscient. These are recognized by all as the universal attributes of supreme soul .Every being,everything and everybody are…in the name of supreme soul—and that 'authentic' path, which might lead Man to this Supreme Being.. !!! But

Who or what is Supreme soul and for that matter, which is the one 'true' path to this Divine Soul?

Should we meditate on a formless Supreme Being or worship a Divine idol?

Better still, should we realize Him within our very own selves?

These questions have plagued mankind may be with animal kind also down the ages and continue to do so till date, so much so that nations are erected in His name, wars fought and innocents massacred!

First of all no one should thrust supreme soul into our human minds when they are not ready for it. The great Master- the supreme soul knows the needs of the various layers of the human personality, and so layer after layer has to be peeled off until the internal kernel is reached. We have to find out, gradually, what that kernel is, as we incessantly proceed further and further. When we speak of the supreme soul as the Creator of the universe we do not imagine, even with the farthest stretch of our minds, that supreme soul does not retain His transcendentalness. Supreme soul is above the universe of universes. He is an unreachable magnificence, a tremendous force that attracts our awe and admiration, and frightens us with its might and greatness.

We are taught by our senior souls that one should have fear on God and we call him Godfearing -meaning the soul will lead a conductfull life fearing that God may impose on us life of hell.We are also taught to fully love God to lead a heavenlylife .How can a soul have fear and love both together.

We are afraid of God in the beginning. The very idea of God frightens us because of the force, the power and the immensity that is associated with God's existence.

Pl let me know whether my view point is clear or not.I want to create new persons devoid of old beliefs and misconception. Just wait for my more blogs to give a clear understanding on Soul and Supreme soul.

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