Friday, May 25, 2007

Hi every one

Regarding knowledge and true knowledge we will discuss at a later date. Now lets know what is a Soul and how does it function apart from the supreme soul. Each one of us is a soul identified person. Also a human being created on earth due to biological process.. Man becomes soul identified person if he shows humanity in character.

It is this which makes him a real person. There are many difficult things in life, but the most difficult of all is to learn and to know and to practice the art of personality.We say Supreme soul created the nature and we souls created the art.Not like that.It is the supreme soul who completes his divine art also.Lord Rama did not teach morals to the human being but he himself was morale in toto.To day the teachers of divine moral to the society are not of what they teach. When a soul gets into itself inwardly all the answers are explicitely clear and needs no Guru though the Guru shishya paramapara started with a selfish motive.

Now let me tell you the nature of the soul.It is the Headmaster of a school.School’s function will be on the directions of the headmaster.So he is the soul of that school. Same is the case with our individual soul. The soul governs and directs our being as a human and plays a pivotal role. Secrecy is that soul cannot be seen but experienced and realized as we cannot see electricity but its existence can be felt by lit bulbs and running fan etc.This power in an individual is the soul or Jivatma. When it is universal consciousness or Supreme Soul, it is called Paramatman. However, we should clearly understand that for electricity which lights up a zero watts bulb or 5Kilowatt Motor, the source of energy is the same; only the consumption and performance vary. Likewise individual and cosmic souls are inseparable entities.Soul can be non sensed or from one to six sensed upto human level. When a soul is polished/purified to the level of 16 senses in full it is Supreme soul- as was Rama who possessed the 16senses(Shodas gunas). The difference between the animate and inanimate is the consciousness or chaitanya. The five sense organs are the soul's agents or windows to obtain knowledge and to gauge the subtle aspect of any given thing. For example, to see, we have eyes but who sees is the soul. For hearing, we have ears but it is the soul that hears. This journey from gross to subtle with consciousness is the play of the soul. If this consciousness departs from the body it becomes a corpse. This is the relation between the soul and the body. The soul is the pivotal hinge whereupon the body functions with consciousness or chaitanya.

The human body is made of perishable elements and therefore impermanent in nature, but the power that dwells within is imperishable; is eternal. It is to be remembered that the real self is part of that super-soul that is never born nor dies and is eternal. The body after death return "unto dust" and the soul meets the cosmic soul or Paramatman. Merger of the pure individual soul with the cosmic soul is the sole aim of human life. The body is ours but we are not the body. We are an inseparable part of the supreme. Just as a grain of sand is sand or a drop of water is water, likewise part of Paramatman is Jivatma. We are eternal. Yet, the body has four states and remains perishable. Childhood, youth and old age are seen as states of our body but not the state of our soul. Moreover there is a fourth state called death. The souls is simply the seer for whom there is no fear of death! The soul is eternal truth that is immortal and imperishable. The soul is pure and sacred. The soul is embodiment of all knowledge.Supreme soul resides in the heart of all souls be it ameba to six sensed creatures causing them to revolve according to their karma by His illusive power."

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